The Best Window Insulation Tips



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The Best Window Insulation Tips


With winter arriving, it’s time to maximize the warmth and comfort of your home. While you can always crank up the furnace and get the heating going, you might still be losing heat due to poor insulation from your windows. 

But there are ways around that. Listed below are the best window insulation tips for you this winter. 

5 Insulation Tips for Your Windows in Calgary 



Perhaps the most common insulation material for your windows in Calgary. Successfully applying it can help you reduce heating loss in your home. 

To ensure that do it correctly, follow these steps: 

  • Cut out old caulks from the window edges 

  • Clean off any debris 

  • Choose your caulking material (silicone works best) 

  • Apply it to the window frame and siding 

  • Leave it overnight to dry

  • Apply again if caulking thickness isn’t enough 

High-Quality Curtains

Thermal curtains are a life-saver when it comes to protecting your insulation. 

Designed to keep cold air from getting into your home, they are thicker than regular curtains and are known for their energy efficiency. You can also get them in any style you want, so it matches the decor of your home. 

Speak to your local window suppliers in Calgary for more information. 


Window Insulation Film 

Just like cars have tinted windows, so too can your home windows. By purchasing insulation film kits, you can insulate multiple windows at once. It’s a pretty simple process to administer: 

  • Lay the insulation film over the window and cut it to the measurements 

  • Firmly press the film sheet onto the window frames and make sure there are no gaps

  • Use a hairdryer (yes that’s right) to run over the film to heat it and iron out any wrinkles. Keep the hairdryer about 4 inches away from the window. Repeat multiple times until the film is perfectly pressed



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Weather Stripping

Stripping is another successful method in which you can reduce heating loss around your windows. It helps with closing small gaps that might be missed with caulking or insulation film. It’s a simple three-step process: 

  • Cut the weather strips, ensuring it aligns with the window size (height and width) 

  • Peel off the adhesive and align the strip alongside the window frame to cover any gaps

  • Repeat until you have it perfectly covered. Continue with your other windows

Draft Stoppers

Perhaps the least effective (and obviously) least expensive method to maximize window insulation. Draft stoppers, also known as draft snakes, are tubes that merely align with the window frame to prevent heat from exiting. 

The main issue is that it only protects one draft area on the window, so it’s not the best option available. 

These five insulation tips can help you reduce your heat loss and ensure your home is warm and cozy for the winter. 

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